Usenet Newsreaders

Newsreaders: works with all newsreaders in the market today. If you don’t have a news reader yet, you can download one from the links below:

Click HERE for almost Every available Newsreader

Grabit – set up instructions.
NewsBin Pro – set up instructions.
NewsLeecher – set up instructions.
News Rover– set up instructions.
Outlook Express – set up instructions
Free Agent ( freeware versionset up instructions)
Agent (registered versionset up instructions )

What is yEnc
yEnc is relatively new encoding method (announced in 2001) used for encoding binary files on the Usenet (also called newsgroups) into a format the Usenet server is capable of sending and receiving yEnc  decode


 – simple java binary downloader, with source:  – free
WinVN, with source code:  – free

Free Agent – This is one of the most popular news readers available for free. It is fairly simple to configure and does not hide files on your PC that can be used to determine where you have been reading news (or what you have been reading). – Click HERE to download  >>> set up instructions for

ASP1-A3 for pictures:  – trial
AutoPix for pictures only:  – free download
Binary News Assistant – pre-release
Binary Vortex for pictures only:  – free download
Express NewsPictures for binaries:  – free download
NewsReactor build 6822:  – shareware
Newsbin 4 beta:  – free trial
NovusNews 0.99 beta:  – pre-release
Pluckit, binary searcher:  – demo
QuadSucker/Newsmultithreaded downloader optimized for images:  – free download
Tifny – trial
Japanese HyperNewsReader – free download
Japanese News Extractor – free download
Pan – easy to use and offers features such as task automations, decoding, and search by keywords.


Unison:  popular Newsreader for its platform. Offers a variety of features.
Diiva 1.0.3 for OSX:
Halime, free news reader for OSX – preview: 
Hogwasher 3.0 (OSX): 
MT-NewsWatcher 3.2 (OSX):
Newsflash, free newsreader for OSX:
NewsHunter (OSX):
PixNewsLite, for pictures:
yEnc TZ – freeware decoder:


Free Linux Tools

BNR : Free Linux based Newsreader recommended for advanced users is stable and a popular favorite for Linux users on Usenet.

Image Downloaders Here

List of Usenet newsreaders

Binary newsreaders

Comparison of Usenet newsreaders

Usenet Image Gallery software

Apicviewer – is a freeware program. It automatically downloads pictures, videos and sound files from UseNet newsgroups. – Click HERE to download